Sun-Moon Canyon National Forest Park is approved by the State Forestry Administration on December 28th, 2000. It lies in the south foothill of the Lesser Hinggan Mountains and covers an area of 29,708 hectares.

Its ancient forest, continuing changing scenery, spectacular natural landscape and the forest eco-health resort are main characteristics of the Sun-Moon Canyon National Forest Park.

Looking at the brook gently flowing by, noticing the leaves rustling with the wind, hearing the birds and the tree frogs, watching little squirrels running around in the distance, stepping on soft fallen leaves, you feel like a carefree child in the natural surroundings of azure sky, white clouds, sunshine, limpid stream, gamboling fishes, lofty trees, broken trunks and lightening wood.


  • SMCPARK, located at the center of Heilongjiang Province, the northest province of China. Heilongjiang, means black dragon river. SMCPARK is the heart of the black dragon. China map looks like a cock, Heilongjiang is the head of the cock, SMCPARK is the bright eye of the Great Cock.