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Mr. Liu, who was born in 1949, is presently the Chairman of the Heilongjiang Sun-Moon Canyon Forest Tourism Company and Mr. Liu is also the Director managing the Sun-Moon Canyon National Forest Park.

Starting in 1990, he is committed to ecological human life science and health research and practice. From 1998, he has been involving in conceptualizing and materializing eco-friendly construction by combining of ecological and health characteristics into the Sun-Moon Canyon National Forest Park.

In 1999, “99 Tieli International Forest Ecosystem Health Academic and Forest Tourism Symposium” was led by Dr Liu in collaboration with friends from Finland, Japan, Singapore and other countries.

In year 2000, supported by the National Forestry Bureau, the Sun-Moon Forest Park was officially approved as a national forest park.

In 2003, under his leadership and the relevant experts’ contribution, the Sun-Moon Canyon National Forest Park, “Sun-Moon National Forest Park Integrated Planning” report, and the “Scenic Views Feasibility Study Report of the Sun-Moon Canyon National Forest Park” were all endorsed and approved by the Heilongjiang Provincial Government Department. Besides these, an incremental of area size of nearly 300 Square kilometers was granted and this gives ample space allowance for future development.

The Sun-Moon Canyon National Forest Park was elected:

in 2007, i) the “China’s Top 100 Brands of County Tourism Attractions”,

ii) the “Best 10 Leisure Attractions in China”,

iii) the “Asia Famous Brand Award”.

in 2008, i) the 27th position out of top 100 in the “International Scenic co-tourism Attractions”.

ii) the 49th position out of top 100 in the “China Scenic Tourist Attractions”.

in 2009, “Famous Scenic Cultural Tourism Attractions of the 60 Years People's Republic of China” .

in 2010, the Park is elected as “China Top Ten Most Glamour Best Green Scenic Ecology Tourism Attractions”.

In year 2001, the official website ( 、 ) was launched. The Park was used by the CCTV’s “Heart Show” outdoor performance program in year 2003 and in the same year the Park received the CCTV “Green Space” filming crews. Again in year 2010, the CCTV’s China Influential Column filming crews were received.

From the reception of 2 thousand over visitors in the initial years till 100 thousands over visitors now, it is obvious that the Sun-Moon Canyon National Forest Park has exploited its forest eco-system health advantages to the full. It provides a healthy leisure vacation venue to the 21st Century people. Because of its environmental protection, healthy life nourishment, scientific research, tourism and leisure related concepts are in line with the international standards, it is moving steps by steps forward from domestic to international regions and it has won great appreciations from international overseas friends. The world famous tourism planning experts, BLAKENEY, gave his evaluation on the Park during his observation tour study “he has home feeling while in the Sun-moon Canyon National Forest Park”. There are visitors from Japan, Singapore, Finland, Switzerland, United States, Canada, India, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong every years and the number of visitors keeps increasing. Some of them have already made it a point to visit the Park every year. In year 2009, a group of 36 countries’ Ambassador and their wife visited the Park during the opening ceremony of the 1st International Natural Water Rafting Competition, The situation “Let the Sun-moon National Forest Park enters the world and let the world knows the Park” is evolving now!

Mr. Liu’s research in life nourishment aspects has won him a gold academic award from the 1998 USA Southern California University, In Nov 2006, he is conferred “Doctor of Medicine (Medicina Alternativa)” by The Open International University, Colombo, Sri Lanka for Complementary Medicines and Medicina Alternativa, and a Certificate of Excellence of “Life Time Achievement Award For the World Traditional Medicine” by the Medicina Alternativa (Alma Ata 1962) affiliated with the Open International University.

Mr. Liu was also awarded the

i) “World Economy Outstanding Chinese Innovation Person”,

ii) “Contribution Figures of the China brand County Tourism Construction”,

iii) “Asia Brand Innovation Personality Award”,

iv) “Brand China Tourism Personality of the Year 2008”,

v) the honor of “National Advanced Patriotic Entrepreneurs”,

vi) “Outstanding Figures Award of the Famous Scenic Cultural Tourism Attractions of the 60 Years People's Republic of China”.

Inspired by his intelligence, spirits and his environmental protection idea, hundreds of volunteers are attracted from various counties and also abroad every year to take part in the development and construction projects in the Park. These include the construction of an old folk’s home and an environment for future generations. All the volunteers have compassion, dedication to the community. They contributed two hundred thirty thousand dollars to Wenchuan Disaster Relief, one hundred ninety-six thousand four hundred and ninety-five dollars to Yushu Disaster Reliefs. They do all their best without grudge bringing up the wisdom, destiny, selfless of the Sun-moon Canyon Spirit.

Heilongjiang Sun-Moon Canyon Forest Tourism Ltd. Co.



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